Emotional Intelligence

“Nearly two-thirds of CEO’s do not receive outside leadership advice but nearly all want it”
David F. Larker

The data is so overwhelming supporting the fact that someone with a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) coupled with a high Emotional Intelligence (EI) will always out perform their competitors and by far the quickest and most sustainable way to create change at an individual level is to invest in a 1:1 coaching programme.

1:1 Executive Coaching is all about building and broadening on the individuals current leadership DNA.

Jim uses his ABC of Success model as a framework when working with his clients. The first step is to create Awareness around the patterns of behaviour that the leader is currently running, in essence, what fingerprint are they leaving in every interaction with others.

Some of those patterns will be known and some will be blind spots!

Talogy (formerly JCA Global), is Jim’s chosen partner to measure Emotional Intelligence which is completed via an online questionnaire which typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete. This measures the individual effectiveness over 16 different scales around Emotional Intelligence and is self scored. There is also a 360 component available if required.

The first session is used to explore the results and agree the coaching contract and to ensure there is clarity around what is required from the coach and the person being coached.

A typical coaching relationship will run for a minimum of 12 months and can commence post the exploration session. The other aspects of the ABC of Success framework are challenging the individuals Beliefs and ensuring they take full responsibility for their Commitment to their development plan and business goals.

Team Development

“Jim doesn’t believe in failure, he believes in learning. You only fail if you don’t learn from you experiences in life”

The whole process starts with us getting to know your business journey to date and ensure we are clear on your future aspirations.

Once we fully understand your goals and aspirations, the next step is to work closely with your senior team to explore their emotional intelligence via the initial 1:1 deep dive coaching sessions with each team member.

We then work with the team to gain full leadership alignment and support them to navigate towards their True north.

Following the alignment workshop, we can further develop a more bespoke programme to build and broaden team cohesion to accelerate performance. This is then sustained and supported with further 1:1 executive coaching.

Jim is an authorised partner of the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team model from Patrick Lencioni.

5 behaviours

Five behaviours of a cohesive team

5 behaviours
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