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“Nearly two-thirds of CEO’s do not receive outside leadership advice but nearly all want it”

David F. Larker

Of the population suffers from low self esteem

12 Billion

Work days lost to depression & anxiety

1 Trillion

US dollars lost in productivity


Of people think they're self aware, only 10 to 15% actually are!

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A quick word from Jim...

For the past 20 years I've been coaching leaders and I have found that if you want to get sustainable results and make lasting change both individually and within your team, 1:1 coaching is the most effective way to accelerate performance.

The EI Questionnaire measures 16 scales of your emotional intelligence and helps you discover your strengths and more importantly, your current blind spots.

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Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence

Enjoy the adventure of self discovery to make sustainable happiness and the change you want in all aspects of your life.

The emotional intelligence questionnaire increases awareness of your current leadership fingerprint.

Personalised Growth Journey

Benefit from monthly personalised coaching tailored to your unique needs and challenges. This bespoke approach ensures that you tackle unseen behaviours and beliefs head-on, facilitating rapid and substantial personal and professional growth.

Build High-Performing Teams

Learn how to cultivate an environment of trust and collaboration among your team members.

Inspire your team to achieve sustainable performance, whilst ensuring a healthy well being and driving success for your organisation.

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Jim Rees

Jim is interested in what’s possible. Having flown around the world competing in some of the toughest races on the planet, Jim has a very clear idea of what is possible. Drawing from his personal, sporting and professional career, Jim has seen and experienced perceived impossibilities turn into reality. From this, he absolutely knows that the majority of us are barely scratching the surface of our potential, whether that’s on the tennis court or in the boardroom.

Over the past 20 years, Jim has focused on maximising potential at an individual, team and organisational level, working with a number of FTSE top 500 companies across the world.

Jo Maddocks

Dr Jo Maddocks is a chartered occupational psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in organisational consulting, facilitation, assessment, development and research.

For five years Jo was the Chief Psychologist for developmental products at Talogy. Prior to this he was co-founder of JCA occupational psychologists that he grew into a thriving business with 40 employees.

As a thought leader and experienced practitioner Jo has consulted across many global organisations and public-sector institutions. In 2018 he published the second edition of “Emotional Intelligence at work: How to make change stick”, and most recently published in Frontiers “An attitude-based approach to Emotional Intelligence” (2023).

Jon Treanor

With over 40 years’ experience and knowledge in international sales, marketing, and senior management, Jon has specialised in human behaviour in the workplace for much of his career. With a BA in the Psychology of Marketing from LBS Jon went on to initiate and execute some of the most successful marketing campaigns of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Jon’s interest in psychology developed with a masters in Psychotherapy which he combined with Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness to assist individuals to understand and unlock their true potential. Jon is a former CEO and is dedicated to wellness in the workplace focusing on Leaders. Jon designed and implemented the first Mindfulness leadership course for Cranfield business school, He is a fellow of the Institute of leadership and management (ILM) and a fellow Royal society of the Arts (RSA) a unique global network of change-makers enabling people, places and the planet to flourish in harmony.

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